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DD&A Believes...

We believe in creating products that our people need, and our sewers can be proud of.

We believe in pricing our products With just enough margin to keep the lights on, and workers happily paid.

We believe that when people are alowed to be people — talents, flaws and all — unbelievable things can happen.

DD&A Rejects...

We reject the idea of making a product that is irrelevant or busted a couple months after buying.

We reject the idea that people only care about how cheap they can get their stuff.

We strongly reject the idea of exploiting our workers or customers for profit... or anything.

Owning Our Aspirations...

We don’t have a board of investors or VC funding.

We design and manufacture everything in-house (from our factory in Chicago) and sell online or in-store at a handful of DD&A brick and mortar locations.

👆Owning every aspect of the manufacturing and distribution process will allow us to maintain our founding beliefs — making business decisions that keep our customers and employees top of mind — rather than the typical approach of maxing profits and enriching some small group of investors.

What it all boils down...

We are devoted to (continually) proving that ethical apparel manufacturing is a viable option in the United States.

And plan on proving this by staying focused on our bottom line: improving the quality of life for our customers and employees, by making decisions that respect every individual these decisions impact.

At the end of the day, we don’t exist without you.

So, if you’re a supporter (or soon-to-be), thank you for helping us prove ethical apparel manufacturing IS POSSIBLE in the United States.


- Rob