Chicago made. For a great price.

  • Knew they had to be comfortable, all day.

  • Knew we wanted 100% U.S. materials.

  • And we know it needs to be fair for everyone.

I’m Rob, Founder of Dearborn Denim. Two years ago I set out to build a better apparel brand. I wanted people to have access to a great product, made the right way, and sold at a great price.

This is an image of us in our early days, when I had much curlier hair
image of one our seamstresses sewing on our Chicago Star leather flags

the early days

image shows Rob stretching out the denim as he makes a fresh pair of jeans

When I realized that we could make them here paying good wages and using great materials by selling directly to customers, I said I want those, I bet other people want those too. watch to learn more

Image a frame of us unloading denim from our feature on Chicago Tonight

Chicago Tonight’s feature on how we got started

We make everything in house at our Chicago Factory. All materials are sourced from the USA.

this image is of one of our seamstresses hand sewing some denim

Each order is hemmed to length before shipping. Combine that with our wide selection of sizes, and these jeans are effectively custom tailored to you.

image of freshly packed denim, ready to be shipped to our amazing customers
image of our spools of golden thread

Our stretch denim is loomed at the most technologically advanced Denim Mill in America and is made with the best long staple West Texas cotton. It is wildly comfortable and won’t stretch out.

sewing away in our Chicago factory
stack of crisp new jeans

Without wage pressure from big box retailers, we pay our employees more rather than less. As a result, we have the best hands in the city.

That’s the story. Check out the shop and try a pair today.



Your Fit's Guaranteed

We pay shipping on all exchanges.
Try our sizing app!
It's critical that you LOVE your new jeans. So, if you think a different size or fit would work better, no sweat. We'll quickly send over your new pair - along with everything you'll need to return the originals. Simple as that.

Majority of the time our sizing app is spot on, but it has its moments. Think of it as a suggestion from a friend. A friend that’s right about 95% of the time... even when you don't want them to be. PS we’re "true to size", so if you’re used to jeans that use "vanity sizes" (most do) then you might see a larger suggested size. Don’t let it bum you out... it’s only a number :)


Michael Rosenthal on Jul 27, 2017

When I read about Dearborn Denim I was intrigued. American materials. American workers. I was concerned about not being able to try them on before buying. But for only $60 and a fair return policy, I decided they were worth a try. I used the fit guide and ordered. A few days later, my skepticism turned into a smile. The jeans were well constructed and the material was perfect for summer wear. It had some stretch, which ensured a good fit. I smiled when I put them on. $60 well spent.


Ed Walton on Jul 20, 2017

I ordered the size based on the size calculator and when the jeans arrived, I realized that I needed a slightly larger size. Sarah in customer service replied to my e-mail and made the arrangements to exchange for the correct size. When the new ones arrived - fit great - the package included a return bag and return slip. All I had to do was put the smaller ones in the bag, seal it up and drop it off at the post office. The jeans fit very nicely, without the excess material in the thighs and lower leg. I'll be buying another pair soon.


Bryan on Jun 14, 2017

Probably one of, if not the, most comfortable pair of jeans I've ever worn. Sometimes denim companies will have their sizes off an inch or two...probably, in my opinion, to make people feel slimmer than they are. These, however, are spot on, so make sure you take a tape measure of your waist before placing an order.