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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are they made?

Everything is cut, sewn, and crafted at our Chicago factory. Our stretch denim is now sourced from Paras Mexico after the last two premium stretch denim mills closed in the USA in 2018. Our 100% cotton, shirt fabric and belt leather are all 100% made in the USA.

What is the fiber content of your jeans?

Our Stretch denim is made of 92% cotton, 7% polyester and 1% spandex. 100% cotton jeans are....100% cotton!

Will your jeans stretch?

Yes, our stretch denim allows you to move freely - while maintaining your fit, and never stretching out! However, the 100% cotton jeans do not stretch.

What is the weight of the denim?

Stretch Denim is 10oz. 100% cotton is 13oz.

What is the rise of your jeans?

The rise on men’s jeans is 11 inches. The rise on women’s jeans is 9 inches for Straight Leg and 10 inches for Skinny High Rise.

Which style of jeans is right for me?

That's up to you, but our top sellers for women are our Skinny High Rise Fit, and for men our Tailored Fit

Can you make custom jeans?

We are not taking bespoke orders at this time.

I used your sizing app, and it’s suggesting a size that’s not what I usually wear. What’s up with that?

Our sizing app creates a statistical average for your waist size and inseam based on a statistical average derived from the largest database of body measurements in the world. We then compare that measurement to the measurements of our jeans and make a recommendation. Not everyone is average, but we have over 90% accuracy with the sizing app during testing.

How much will the jeans shrink?

We preshrink the jeans at our factory. We suggest washing your jeans inside out on cold and tumble dry on low in order to prevent any further shrinkage. If you want to preserve color as much as possible, we suggest you hang to dry.

Will you create new styles?

Yes! We can’t wait to expand our line. Right now almost all our production capacity is tied up with demand for our current lines. Once we can make more jeans in a day, we will begin releasing more styles. Stay tuned for updates!

What is your exchange and return policy?

We accept all unwashed and unworn jeans for exchange or returns within 30 days of delivery. learn more

Why isn’t my size available?

We’re working on getting more sizes into production. Our small company is trying to stabilize our current line before expanding sizes beyond 42 (men) and 36 (women). Stay tuned for updates!

How much will shipping cost me?


I am a bit bigger/smaller... will these jeans fit me?

Fill out a couple basic questions on our size calculator to get your size.

Return Policy For Clearance?

Sorry, no returns — all clearance sales are final.