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Frequently Asked Questions


Dearborn Denim started in 2016 manufacturing jeans in Chicago using American made denim. In 2017 both DenimNorth America and Cone Denim announced the closure of standard denim weaving at their USA based facilities. Dearborn Denim was able to source specially made runs at DNA through 2018. However, at the end of 2018 it was decided that these production runs were not practical for either organization. Since then we have been sourcing our denim from Cone Mill’s internationally renowned plant inParas, MX.

Stretch Denim:  92% cotton, 7% polyester and 1% spandex

Cotton Denim: 100% cotton

Stretch Denim: Yes, allowing you to move freely -while maintaining your fit, and never stretching out!

Cotton Denim: No, but they do break in beautifully!

Our size calculator estimates the size and length based on height and weight. It is not 100%accurate but is usually a decent recommendation.

Example: Are you a muscular individual? Our calculator would recommend a size too large in the waist. If you noticed a drastic difference between our recommendation is looking a bit off, go with your usual size.

* Pro Tip: Check for a button "Size Guide" — found on most product pages above the size selection.


All of our jeans are preshrunk, if they feel loose do not wash them in an attempt to shrink them! Email us for an exchange!

Always wash  jeans in cold water.

Hot water opens up the fibers in your denim, where  color can be more easily washed away. Cold water helps the fibers stay closed, keeping the dye inside. Washing in cold water can extend the life of all your clothes—not just your jeans.

Dark indigo washed denims can sometimes rub off on skin, furniture, other clothes, etc... this issue is commonly referred to a "crocking".

Couple suggestions for avoiding color transfer:

1) A cold water wash with no other clothing with the denim turned inside out.
2) Adding 1 cup of vinegar to the cold water wash or cold water soak, if that is preferred. * This step can also be applied to black denim that may have a lingering sulphur smell.



Unfortunately, we are not doing international shipping at this time — this may change in the distant future.

If your package is lost, stolen or damaged in transit, Dearborn Denim is not responsible.

However, we can help with Shipping Insurance:
For a small fee (based on the size of your order) your order will be replaced if your package is lost, stolen or damaged in transit — at no additional expense!

* If you have not purchased our Shipping Insurance, we can get you in touch with the post offices“find my package” resource.

We also suggest contacting your local USPS office.


Timing:must be made within 30 days of delivery

Products: must be unwashed

No Returns: sorry, Clearance products cannot be returned, but exchanged for another product or store credit.

No Returns or Exchanges:sorry, underwear (due to sanitary reasons

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Exchanges are free! Even If you need multiple exchanges to get the right fit, you are only charged for your original order.

If you can’t find the right fit after exchanging you are able to return all items as a return, which will result in the $7 restocking fee — associated with a typical return.

Submit an Exchange


Head over our Contact Us page or email us directly (info@dearborndenim.com), Monday through Friday, please allow up to 24-48 hours for response.

If you live in Chicago, orders, returns and exchanges can be dealt with directly at one of our store locations.

Head over to your account to track and cash-in your points.

If you've placed an order (or orders) and didn't create an account, user the same email (used on orders) to ensure accrued points are added to your account.