We make our jeans for you.

We make what we sell. Beyond taking pride in our product, why should this fact be important to you, our customer? I am often told "Apparel manufacturing is globalized and better for consumers." Or, "American made isn't commercially competitive any more." Even, "American Made is low-brow stuff, yeah? Too nationalistic." I disagree, and founded a company in 2016 to prove it.

We make jeans & apparel and sell them directly to customers. There is no radical transparency required. There is no explanation of supply chain complexities or 3pl distributions fulfilled by whoever. We make jeans. Those jeans come off the sewing floor and are shipped directly to our customers. We overcome higher labor costs in USA by eliminating freight and distribution costs combined with a responsive inventory model. We spend less time moving boxes and more time making great products. 

By making what we sell we give our customers the best products possible at the best prices possible. Come visit our factory in Chicago to see just how straight forward our model is.





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