How Do We Find Our Materials?

The initial phase is pretty straight forward: I start calling and sending emails. Once I get someone on the line I just say “send me the best ya got.”
Our direct to consumer model allows for a much broader price range to work with for raw materials while still maintaining accessible finished goods prices. That being said, we don’t confuse how much something costs with how good the product is. Jeans on counter behind spool of our signature golden thread
For fabric, the key questions are “what fibers are used, how are the yarns made, how is the fabric constructed.” Well constructed fabric from good materials makes a world of difference in terms of comfort and wear over the lifetime of a garment.

We source American made materials for a couple reasons - beyond pride and wanting to support other communities just like we do our own. Jeans hanging with images of raw materials
First, we have a high degree of confidence that there is no major social injustice occurring in our supply chain simply because the goods are sourced from a country with strong civil rights and worker safety regulations.
Our jeans feel good and you can feel good about wearing them.
Another reason is accountability. We make bulk purchases of fabric and a lot of money (a lot to us at least) is involved.

I have 100% confidence on every order that each yard delivered to us will be to the specifications prescribed. Unloading a fresh denim delivery
We always verify of course, but what if we ever got halfway through a shipment and found the goods … were no good?! Maybe the dye is off, maybe 10% of the yarns are taken out, maybe the yarns are made a little thinner. All sorts of corners can be cut to make a little more money as long as the customer never notices!
If I’m getting our goods from halfway around the globe there is little recourse for a shop our size to be like “hey, give us the money back!” We’d probably have to eat the loss and risk bankruptcy.
The practice of having the good goods on top and the bad goods on the bottom is something you have to watch out for unfortunately. A little trust goes a long way, and American made provides that for us.


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How do we find our materials? ✶✶✶✶ "For fabric, the key questions are “what fibers are used, how are the yarns made, how...

Posted by Dearborn Denim & Apparel on Friday, May 4, 2018

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